We all spend so much time working and trying to make a success of our lives in one way or another that it can sometimes feel like a work to life balance is a mythical story. But the truth is, the rat race can leave us feeling exhausted, ill and even really unhappy. Despite the many self help books we read that are parading the library shelves, we know that sometimes the only difference they’re making is to our bank balance rather than our minds. We’re obviously not telling you to quit your day job, but we’ve rounded up some simple tips that we truly believe will help you take back the controls in your life. 

Putting your phone down

I’ll bet that as soon as you sit down you check your phone. Probably having a quick flick through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to make sure you haven’t missed out on anything, and then probably scanning through your emails just incase something important has come through. But do you really need to do this every time you sit down? Without realising it, you’re focusing so much time and energy on what everyone else is doing, and not living in the moment. We can all be so guilty of having to Instagram our day out that we can forget to just have fun without having to let the world know.


The worst offence is checking your phone before bedtime, as we all know that research has proven it to be a contributing factor in bad sleep patterns. Although we are all guilty of this, putting your phone away can give you a great sense of release and ease the tension of daily life. It’s all too easy to keep comparing ourselves and our lives to everyone on social media, so just forget about it and take off the pressure by putting your phone down. After all what are you really missing out on? We promise the world won’t end.

Getting up earlier

Yes, this was even a tough one for us to do as we have such a love affair with our bed that snooze probably gets far more attention than it should. But getting up earlier can help you to take back part of your day, and do those extra things that can set you up for a more positive working life. When you dedicate 90% of your day to work, you need to make time for you. Not only will this instantly make you feel more balanced, but it can help you to be healthier and more focused. Just think of the things you could do if you got up just half an hour earlier. Eat a healthy breakfast, prepare a healthy lunch, perhaps meditate for 10 minutes or even go for a quick run. Your life can feel as though it’s yours rather than dominated by the 9-5.


Drinking more water

We’re the first to admit that we start out with good intentions when it comes to healthy eating, but as soon as there’s a birthday we’re all over the cake quicker than you can say cream frosting. However, if there’s one healthy habit that can help your waistline and your general well being it’s guzzling down on more cups of H2o. A top tip that’s been helping us keep on track is taking along a 2 litre bottle to work everyday. This way you can see just how much you’re drinking and ensure you can top yourself up without having to take a million trips to the water cooler. Of course your toilet breaks will increase, but that little break away from your desk can help you to stay focused and feel as though you’re not chained to your computer.


Being outside

A breath of fresh air can work wonders on every part of your life. It can make you feel grounded when you’re having a stressful day, and help clear your mind and keep you focused. So whether you choose a morning run, an afternoon walk on your lunch break, or to take an hour to clear your head after work. Get outside and see the world. Of course it’s easy when the weather is beautiful, but don’t forget to embrace all sorts of weather. Running in the rain can be quite a thrill, and who cares if you get a little wet. Life’s for living so go out there and remember what it’s all about.


Cutting out toxic people

This is probably the most difficult thing you will ever do, but if there are people in your life dragging you down and making you feel less than amazing, you need to cut them out. Are they really your friends if they can’t support you and help you stay positive? Toxic people can create a negative mindset that will hold you back from believing in yourself and fulfilling your potential. Good friends lift you up and praise your achievements. So don’t put up with any sarcastic comments or unsupportive snipes. Who needs that in their lives? Embrace those that stand beside you and make you laugh, and ditch those that would prefer to see you fail.


So there you have it, life changes that are hopefully going to make you feel more like Beyonce and less like Britney Spears Circa 2007.

About the author

Lizzie is a UK Fashion and Lifestyle blogger based in Peterborough. After spending 5 years in the beauty and fashion industry, Lizzie now enjoys sharing her thoughts and experiences on all things, from fashion to fitness. With a life goal of owning a shoe closet that will rival icon Carrie Bradshaw, Lizzie believes that shoes can help women have the confidence to conquer the world!

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