Repurposing garments

Everyone has a treasured item in their wardrobe with a fond memory or story they would like to relive. Some times we give these garments to others because they are no longer suitable for occasional wear today or may not fit. More often than not, we just keep the garment. This is why we offer our ‘Repurposed Garment’ service. We can give your garment a new lease of life with a simple cut or reconstruction so that you can fall in love with your clothes all over again with an even fonder memory.

The idea came about after a discussion with our client Kay. Kay informed us that she had always thought of wearing her wedding outfit again one day but struggled to see how this would work. At Semple we like to be creative and offer forward thinking solutions instead of dwelling on the past. Kay and the Semple team met and we came up with the idea to redesign Kay’s wedding dress and matching coat to be of a shorter, everyday length enabling her to have a greater choice about how and when she wore the garments as an ensemble or separately. As a result, Kay fell back in love with her wedding outfit and managed to debut her newly revived outfit to a relative’s wedding party. You can read more on Kay’s story below.

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Kay’s Story

“My husband and I have been married for 18 years this year and I’ve often spoken wistfully about being able to wear my wedding dress again. I could see how it could be adapted to be more of a day or party dress but had no one I could trust enough to give it to nor, in truth, did I feel sure enough that I’d actually wear it! Chatting with Maggie and Dulcie they encouraged me to bring it along to show them. First though, I tried it on at home and realised how special it still felt (and I also scared my husband when I came downstairs in full wedding regalia). He thought he’d missed something important…
From the moment I put the outfit on at Semple Atelier, I knew it was the right decision. The seamstress, bolstered by Maggie’s input, worked out what needed doing and how I’d feel comfortable and special without being a wannabe-bride. 
I love it. When I picked it up it made me emotional and I’m wearing it to a dinner in November where I know I’ll feel special and yet comfortable. The nominal investment to have it altered means I have a dress for occasions which would have cost at least 10 times the alteration fee. I’m thrilled and it’s given an 18 year old outfit a new lease of life – and my husband is quietly pleased too. “I’d still choose you AND that dress all over again…”
– Kay White