You hear it time and time again, as soon as the bikini’s hit the shops. “Must get in the gym as summer is nearly here”,or “Must start the diet soon as I go on holiday in a few weeks!” They’re bizarre comments that many of us women are guilty of spouting out without even realising it. But we’re doing ourselves a complete injustice.

In an attempt to look ‘beach body ready’ there will unfortunately be many women deciding to hit the gym hard or attempt a juice diet in a bid to drop the pounds quickly and look as paparazzi ready as their celebrity idols. But this vain attempt to be something we’re simply not, is doing more damage to our bodies than good. We’re all for a healthy lifestyle and keeping fit, but when dieting is taken to the extreme maybe it’s time to stand back and ensure that we’re not just covering up bigger insecurities.


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Our bodies take a real battering when we decide to shock them with starvation and extreme exercise routines, making them use up essential resources that make them work better and help us to keep going. But what we’re all forgetting is that if we looked after our bodies in the first place, we wouldn’t have to put them through silly fad diets. And besides, apart from beating the bloated feeling, why do you feel the need to ‘slim down’? It seems that the only time we take an interest in the way we look is when the media is awash with unrealistic beach bodies.Of course celebrities have great bodies, they can afford the personal trainer, the chef, the nutritionist and not forgetting the secret surgeon! 


It’s so easy for us to compare ourselves to others, but the simple fact is we’re all built in different ways and we need to accept what mother nature has given us. Our bodies do incredible things for us women and we shouldn’t treat them as just another commodity. Putting your body under unnecessary stress and taking away the essential nutrients it needs will ultimately make you feel more miserable, and could even make you ill.


You shouldn’t put yourself through a miserable few months of dieting just to fit into a bikini for one week. Just using common sense like moving more, getting up off the sofa from that box set of Netflix, and eating your fruit and veg can all make a big difference in making you feel healthier.

Getting a sweat on is great for the mind, body and soul, so look at the bigger picture and not just the holiday snaps. A smiling confident body should be the only accessory you need for the beach.

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