The long awaited sequel to Pitch Perfect is finally here! Fans from across the UK will be warming up their vocal chords and heading to their local cinemas in anticipation for the second instalment of the incredibly successful comedy. To all the partners, colleagues, family and friends that will have to endure endless hours of heartfelt renditions of the film’s songs for the foreseeable future I feel sorry for you, I really do, but don’t sit there judging us; we know that you wish you knew the routine too!


Not only are these films jam packed full of amazingly diverse, funny and loveable female characters, they’re also each given their own individual storylines and character arcs. Finally, amongst the whitewash of Hollywood we’re given a film that represents women as more than just the love interest, the problem, or the femme fatale. From Anna Kendrick’s portrayal of Beca, a young girl who went to college just to please her father but who dreams of making it as a professional DJ, to Fat Amy (yes you read that right; she calls herself that so “twig bitches like yourself don’t do it behind her back”) played by Rebel Wilson, who arguably steals the show with her undying body confidence and witty one liners.



When Pitch Perfect hit our screens in the summer of 2012 with a relatively low budget and only a few famous faces on board, it was never tipped as a box office smash. Yet from the very first note people have found themselves wanting more. After all it was the film that projected the “Cup Song” – whose percussion is performed with a solitary plastic cup – into the limelight and sparked over 15 million remakes.

But now, with nearly double the budget of the original and after an agonising three year wait, Pitch Perfect 2 is finally here. So close that we can almost hear the catchy bass tones and goose bump inducing falsettos. For a true barden bella fan I can pretty much guarantee that it’s going to be ‘aca-amazing’. So whether you’ve only just recently become interested in the films or whether you’ve been patiently waiting from the start for this day….I’ll see you there. I’ll be the one crying, singing and dancing in the aisles.

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