We complain in the depths of winter when the rain is pouring down and the wind is unforgiving and the temperatures relentless. We ask when will spring arrive? When will the warmer weather of summer be with us so we can bask in the sunshine and make the most of the lighter evenings? 

Like true Brits, now summer has actually arrived, it’s too hot.

Although it seems we’re experiencing more of a European summer than the English one we’re used to; there’s simply no pleasing us. We’re like the three bears of the weather fairy-tale world. It was too cold, now it’s too hot. We’d just like the temperature to be cooler we say; mid-twenties would be perfect we beg. Somewhere in the middle.

With the hottest day ever recorded last Thursday – reaching just shy of 40 degrees – it’s fair to say this week has been a sticky one. The days are scorching, and the evenings have been unbearably muggy. We are not equipped. Just like the months where heavy snowfall halts traffic and closes schools and offices, the unseasonably hot temperatures have disrupted railways and caused supermarkets to run out of ice cream.

It’s easy to see why we’re all calling for a little consistency then. As fate would have it, following a week of glorious sunshine (and yes, sky high temperatures) the weekend is set to pour with rain. However, I’m betting there aren’t too many of us who won’t welcome the cooler temperatures and odd rain shower.

As always, dressing in this weather can prove tricky. This week my cream linen trousers have been worn more than once – as they’re perfect for mid-30-degree temperatures and cooler air-conditioned offices. Although the summer sales are coming to an end – despite summer now well and truly in full swing – there are still a few linen bargains to be had in case those scorching days reappear…

Penzance Linen Trousers | Boden | now £52.50

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