I almost quit. I was so close to taking the easy way out, giving up and waving goodbye to a dream that I have tirelessly worked on for so long. I had enough, I was about to give it all up.

At the beginning, when you decide on a goal and you plan your pursuit to obtain it, it doesn’t seem too far out of your reach. We often have an understanding of the challenges we may face during that time, but noting really prepares you for the journey itself. Having a dream and taking steps to fulfill it is one of the most rewarding sensations. When you know that your hard work, endless hours, sometimes free labor and emotional restraint has been over worked and tested to the limit, it is most likely at that precise time that you are on the cusp of something so incredible. It sometimes just takes a little push to tip your situation all the way round.

Whether big or small, a dream is a goal that can and will be achieved if you want it enough. Just remind yourself of these three key ingredients while you continue your journey as a dream chaser.


You will need a lot of it. For a very, very lucky few it happens in a short space of time. For the rest of us it takes weeks, months or years of crafting ourselves and a talent into something that evolves into what we had envisioned. It doesn’t happen overnight. Personally, patience has also served as a blessing, because it tests how much you are determined to reach the end goal. Having patience just makes the outcome taste that little bit sweeter.



Day to day, month to month will vary. You may find yourself swamped with opportunities one minute and banging your head with frustration the next. Persistence is a key ingredient because at the end of it all: what you put in is what you get out. Did you know that Howard Schultz, founder of Starbucks, was rejected by over 200 banks when applying for loans? Over 200 banks rejected him before his persistence paid off and he was finally granted a loan. Without that one opportunity, Starbucks would not exist. It may take you one single attempt, it may take you 150 attempts, but as long as you are actually making those attempts you are upping your chances of getting closer to your dreams.



At this stage you (rightly) believe in yourself enough to go after what you want. Remember this when you find yourself in a situation where you question yourself or start doubting your ability. Remember this when you open up an email that reads, ‘‘unfortunately we will not be taking this application any further.’’ As long as you have self-worth, know your value and believe in yourself you will get to where you need to be.


I am fortunate enough to have people in my life who push, support and believe in me so when, on very few occasions, it all starts to feel like a big dark cloud over my head, or a maze with no clear exit these people remind me why I started. Sometimes it’s worth just stopping for a moment to see how much you have achieved already.

The thing about a dream is: if it was easy everyone would be doing it. Keep going, because once you reach the destination, the only time you will look back is to see how far you’ve come.

By Tasha Artwell

About the author

After graduating with a degree in Publishing, Journalism & Media Tasha spent a term studying Music Journalism and Creative Writing in New York and also took a short course in Fashion & Beauty Journalism at LCF. While on her travels in Australia she jumped 14,000ft out off a plane and passed out half way down (ha!). When she’s not travelling, reading or writing she spends most of her time floating in her own colourful imagination.

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