Whilst we’re still in the midst of seasonal festivities with Christmas only a few weeks away, I’ve seen a number of articles discussing the new year and plans for 2020.

It’s funny isn’t it, that so many of us set our new year resolutions to begin in January. We may think about them in the months or weeks leading up to the new year but remain intent on not starting them until 1st January rolls around.

I understand the relevance of that first day in January. It is fresh and exciting – a new year that seems to be bursting with promise and opportunity. Why start something new in the second week of December when the arrival of a year new is just moments away? I’m not saying I am starting a new resolution or two now, but I must admit, I have been giving it some thought. Rather than rushing to think of a new resolution to adhere to on New Years’ Eve surrounded by prosecco and music, I’m determined to give them a little more consideration this year.

It’s the start of a new decade too. While the same resolutions will float around – I want to set some goals which will be beneficial. Not just goals to stop doing something either, but rather the idea of starting something, or doing more of something, that will bring joy and contentment. 

I realised the other day the importance of contentment. It is unusual today to feel utter contentment. We are always striving for more, buying more, yearning for more. What’s wrong with what we have? It’s difficult to simply set a goal telling yourself you must feel content – it needs to start at the root. You need to ask the question – what makes me feel content? Then do more of it. Sounds simple doesn’t it? Perhaps it is. Next year then, as we welcome in 2020, my resolution is to strive for a little more contentment in my life.

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