Keeping in the fashion loop is essential to enjoy the essence of whatever metropolis you visit. That doesn’t necessarily mean following the crew but staying tuned into what the locals have to say, especially when it comes to food. Heading downtown, in the middle of the Soho district, there is a hidden gem that has a big quality stamp: approved by New Yorkers.


La Esquina is the place to be in Manhattan if you love Mexican food. The dinner experience starts with its secret location, which makes you wonder that indeed Tijuana is not that far from the 5th Avenue. When arriving to the restaurant you feel you have been transported to Mexico, and you have exchanged concrete for sand. In that second you ask yourself…“wait a minute, is this the place that trend setters recommend?” Too small to be trendy, too empty to be cool, too simple to be it. Having a seat at the bar there is a guy eating tacos. Behind him, a few empty tables with mayonnaise and ketchup leftovers. All of a sudden, he asks your name and sends you inside while talking to someone else via walky-talky. A massive steel door opens and a girl asks you to follow her. You still don’t think that is the place but yet you feel excited. It is dark and you are heading downstairs following a stranger. It doesn’t look good but you start hearing some music and step by step the place starts lighting up. You pass through the kitchen and you are in, welcome to the promised land of coolness.


Hats from the seventies, round glasses, skinheads tinted in blond, red lipsticks, vintage jumpers and military style jackets…people from different fashion movements with studied looks fill a basement illuminated by candlelights. Tables are separated by bars, it looks like you are in jail but with the loud music, the awesome smell and the company of equals you feel you have actually got it.


To start with, we order cheese frittata topped with pumpkin and sunflower seeds, followed by fresh ceviche with raw shark, shrimps and chilly tomato sauce. After this, the corncob with butter and saffron starts filling our stomachs that are now ready for tacos. Cheese avocado with green sauce and market fish with shredded cabbage, shaved onions and chipotle mayo awake all ours senses.




Absolutely delicious, but keep the secret so it doesn’t get too crowed when I come back.

By Laura Roig Vericat

Reporting from The Big Apple

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