I often feel, that when the sun shines here in the UK, there’s nowhere else I’d rather be. The temperatures – while they seem to be soaring in many parts of Europe – tend to remain somewhat tamer here. We may get the odd day here and there when the midday sun reaches above 30 degrees, but generally, many of us are more than content when the Great British summer graces us with early-to-mid-20s temperatures throughout June, July and August.

Whilst we got off to a shaky start, with May and the start of June predominately showering us with little sunshine and lots of rain, it seems summer may finally be here – just in time for the holidays.

With the uncertainty of the UK leaving the EU though, holiday prices continuing to soar, especially during the school holidays, and the busy lives we now so often lead, it seems that for many of us, a break here in the UK is a much more realistic – and tempting – offer. 

There is so much to explore on our little island with so many different regions offering different holidays and escapes. From the beautiful and varied coastline of North Norfolk with the many cafes and independent stores to discover and peruse – Wells, Holkham and Brancaster being amongst my favourites, to the rolling hills and cobbled streets of the Cotswolds, the choices for a staycation here in the UK really are infinite. 

Whilst it can get busy during the holidays, a weekend away in the much-loved southern seaside spot of Brighton could provide a welcomed retreat from every day commitments. Artist Residence – a chain of impeccably decorated and luxurious hotels – is a great spot for a night or two. They have similarly stylish hotels in London, Cornwall, Oxford and Bristol too if another destination takes your fancy.

If you decide to venture west, to the picturesque region I mention above, the surrounding area in and around the Cotswolds gives you plenty to do for a week or more. The many towns and villages provide endless foodie stops and coffee shops, not to mention walks aplenty. Nearby in Oxfordshire, Soho Farmhouse – a members-only club – offers a relaxing, albeit expensive, retreat; or, venture to Gloucestershire for Daylesford Farm – probably one of the most renowned farm shops in England. It offers beautifully converted cottage accommodation, workshops and of course, its famed organic farm shop and store.

If you don’t get a chance to venture away for more than a night, why not make a list of a few places you’ve been longing to visit that are all within a short drive or train journey and make a day of it? To really get a feel for somewhere, you needn’t go for a whole week, just treat yourself to a nice lunch and a wander.

Making the most of where you live can feel surprisingly relaxing, and, what’s more, you won’t have to endure the seemingly endless hassle of airports, packing and currency!

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