In the name of Valentines Day and love we asked several couples some questions and this is what they had to say…


23 years old, young and Love, Marni and Olly are both Loughborough uni sweethearts who are excited for the next chapter of their lives.


Marni’s Answers

What does he bring to the relationship? Humor and spontaneity. I am a woman of lists and plans but his ‘happy go lucky’ character brings out my adventurous side.

When do you think the hardest part of your relationship was?  Having lived in quite close proximity together at Uni, when I graduated and moved to London it was hard for us to adapt to the distance as he still had another year of uni left. It was an obstacle, but one I wouldn’t change as it has made us stronger than ever.

What about you could only he love? My obsession with the smell of his ears.

I love him because? He is everything I never dreamed of.

In private I am? Mischievous

What is your worst habit? I’m an obsessive compulsive disorder freak which always makes me late for things and has me talking to plugs to make sure they are off and won’t blow up.

 Describe yourself in three words? Kind-hearted, driven and creative.

 First impression of him? “Ew!” I remember this moment so well. He stumbled into my hall kitchen at uni on my first night of freshers with his beaten and ripped converse shoe laces tied together, long surfer style hair and ketchup down his top. I just remember thinking “this boy needs to shower”. Since then I have learnt those messy stains are evidence that the boy just knows how to have fun.

 When is he most romantic? At 3am. On this hour nearly every night he gives me a kiss and tells me he loves me.

 How was your first kiss? It was more of a teaching lesson as he was a bit overly keen with his tongue but after a few tweaks it’s lasting impression is one of the reasons I am still hooked on him today.

 What do you argue you about? His laziness and how I faff around too much.

 Your proudest moment? Graduating from University with a first and landing my dream job in London.

 When did you know he loved you? When he used to drive an hour from his house to pick me up from Stanstead after I’d taken a 4 hour coach journey, just so I didn’t have to travel through London because at the time it really frightened me.

What have you learnt from each other? I’ve learnt to have my steak medium rare as opposed to charcoal burnt, and he’s learning to appreciate the art of shopping.

His favourite part of my body is? The random mole on my foot?

What would you like to say to him?

Keep doing what you’re doing boy, cause I kind of like you a lot.


Olly’s Answers

 When do you think the hardest part of your relationship was? When we first started going out, Marni was too afraid to travel across London and so would take a 4 hour bus journey to Stanstead where I would then have to drive for an hour to pick her up. The hard part was convincing her London tubes were safe!

 Is there anything about her that only you could love? I know many things about Marni that only I know but my favourite one is that she has surprised me every day for 3 years and continues to do so.

 I love her because? She knows when and when not to separate the wheat from the chaff

 In private she is? More annoying than in public.

 Describe her in 3 words? Supercalofragilisticexpialodoshus, addictive, beautiful.

 First impression of her? She made me laugh. I didn’t think girls could be funny until I met Marn.

 When are you most romantic? When she least expects it.

 How was your first kiss? I was criticized , too much tongue apparently and considering I am very very ever so slightly tongue tide I found it hard to believe.

What do you argue you about? Why she continues to take me shopping for 5 1/2 and then storms off for half of it.

When were you most proud of her? When she graduated or when she brought me breakfast in bed for the first time. Probably the second one.

When did you know you loved her? Ive always known.

What have you learnt from each other? She has learnt to be chilled out, comical, sociable, stylish, cool, how to cook etc from myself and I have learnt to be very patient!

My favourite part of her body is? The mole on her right foot.

What would you like to say to her?

Knock knock ..whose there…cash …cash who? No thanks ill stick with the peanuts. But jokes aside, I hope I have forever to tell you how much you mean to me.

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