So christmas is over and the new year has begun. It’s hard to know whether it’ll bring you copious amounts of joy but that’s what we are all hoping for. But sometimes it is hard to be positive when you aren’t necessarily feeling so great about yourself.

Speaking from personal experience, I can say that I probably consumed a factory’s worth of chocolate over the Christmas period and had a few too many beverages over the new year….causing me to not feel in the best shape.

Feeling low about yourself can have great effect on day to day activities and maybe even make you feel like you don’t want to go out. And I most certainly know the feeling of not being able to get into the beloved skinny trousers as well as you once did.

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Everyone, at this time of year seems to put a lot of pressure on themselves about what their New Years resolution will be. And if you’re anything like me you’ve probably made your list of about 100 things that you’re going to quit. However I think that starting with one thing at a time is much more realistic as well as fair to yourself. I know it can be hard but try not to compare yourself to anyone because it’s your goals that matter. The more goals you reach, the happier you will feel about yourself.

Whatever your New Years resolution may be, I hope that you can find some positive motivation to keep your mind in the right place. A happy new year starts with a happy new you.

By Connie O’Neill

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