Loved by Hollywood golden girls and available in more shades than you can shake a stick at, Lipstick is the icon of the makeup world. A product that causes MAC to sell out in minutes, it’s a scene stealer in all the right ways. From Uma’s luscious red lips in Pulp Fiction to modern day muse Lourde’s purple pout, Lipstick is favoured by the bold and the brave.


Yet there’s always the new kid on the block trying to outshine her. Serena Van Der Woodsen may have been right when she said ‘Lipgloss is more fun’, but did she ever have the problem of getting her golden tresses caught up in the sticky stuff, or finding it as a gooey mess at the bottom of her Balenciaga bag? It may make our teeth look whiter or give us a flirty allure for all of five minutes when we’re not fighting against the elements, but perhaps it’s best left for special occasions, or ones that don’t involve the element of wind.

As impractical as it is the makeup brands are continuously trying to reinvent her, but the truth is she just hasn’t got as much sass as her big sister. You see Lipsticks have personalities. A pop of pink and you’re feeling flirty and fun. A pout of red and you’re feeling as chic as Chanel. A dab of nude and you instantly embody Bardot. Collecting Lipstick is like picking out parts as an actor. We all have a favourite that we can rely on to give us a confidence boost.


Just think of the all the incredible women in history who’ve made a bold lip statement as part of their look. Do you think Marilyn would have made it if it wasn’t for those cherry red kisses? Lipgloss may be a girls game but Lipstick is a woman’s birthright into beauty.

With just a swipe of colour you’ve got a new attitude. So who are you going to be today?

 By Lizzie Benton

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