It’s difficult to ignore it. The signs are there and we’re hearing whispers of its impending arrival. 

While I love the freshness and colours of autumn, I’m certainly much more of a summer girl; but, as always, the thought of autumnal fashion does make me a little excited for what’s to come. Knitwear and boots – two of my favourite items in my wardrobe!

The beauty of autumn for me though, is the transition into it. While the leaves may be changing and the nights ever so slowly drawing in, the temperatures can remain quite mild. So, how can we keep on wearing our favourite summer pieces despite the ever-so-imminent arrival of autumn?

Just because the summer holidays are nearly behind us, it doesn’t mean we can’t keep on wearing our much-loved dresses, pretty tops, sandals or midi skirts – it’s simply about reworking them for a different season.

Midi skirts and dresses are particularly perfect for this transitional period. Just team with a complementary thin (or thick) knit jumper and trainers. As with spring from winter, layering is key, for we can still experience warm days in September, particularly if we have an Indian Summer. There’s no reason you can’t wear shorts either – just pair with a longer cardigan or blazer and plain tee.

Think about colours too – warm tones like creams, camel, rust and browns are perfect for when we come into autumn. Lighter wash denim works beautifully with this colour palette, so there’s no need to store this away and pull out your dark or black denim – save this for winter.

Accessories are a wonderful way of holding on to the summer months too. I’m still making the most of my basket bags; while colourful silk scarves offer the perfect nod to these warmer days when used in your hair or tied around your bag.

Just because people are starting to talk about autumn, it doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to be swapped and exchanged for the darker, warmer items we wear in winter. It’s all about thinking how you can make your summer wardrobe adapt – at least for the next month or so – while we can still make the most of these glorious late summer days.

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