I don’t know about you guys but I am constantly getting pestered to ‘grow up’. Whether its by society or my parents, it is constantly shoved in my face that I am pretty much not at where I’m expected to be in my life. The pressures never end. Of course it would be ideal for all of us if we were in our chosen careers with enough money to fund and run our own households, but unfortunately for the large majority of us that is not the case whatsoever. Being in the last few weeks of being 21 I am still finding myself more worried about what drinks I’m going to buy and what outfits I’m going to wear to the next party.
When I was younger I remember I absolutely couldn’t wait to be a ‘grown up’. Couldn’t wait to choose my own clothes, do my own hair, drive my own car and have my own family. But it all seemed so make belief then didn’t it? It never felt like it was actually only what seems like just around the corner, and oh how the tables have turned. Now I find myself wishing that I was still in school where my biggest concern was who was going to catch me when playing kiss chase. I know that the older generation will be reading this and thinking ‘what on earth are you talking about, you’re still young’. Which I know I am, but In all honestly, I still only feel 17 at heart, and I am not ready to be a total grown up yet!
I just feel like there’s still so much to do and so little time! I suppose I better get checking off that bucket list as soon as possible really! Here’s a sneak peak of what some of mine looks like:
Travel around Africa
Disneyland Florida
Go to the Jungle
Whale watching
Travel America
Niagara Falls
Northern lights
Sky dive
Great wall of China
Eiffel Tower
Horse ride on the beach
¬† …….To be continued!
By Connie O’Neill

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