1889 saw the first charm bracelet launched by Tiffany & Co.; a single heart dangling from a link bracelet, which has since become their most iconic piece of jewellery. Since then the nostalgic bracelet has waxed and waned in popularity but it has never been too far from our fashion hearts.

The trend for charms as jewellery did not start with Tiffany’s; evidence of humans adorning themselves with charms can be seen as far back as prehistoric times. Most likely used to ward off evil spirits, charms were fashioned from shells, animal bones and clay. In fact at almost every stage in our history, and in almost every culture, you can find evidence of the charm bracelet in one form or another.


Perhaps the secret to their long history is their whimsical allure and the opportunity to create your own personal story to carry around with you on your wrist. Despite a wane in popularity during the nineties, the storytelling bracelets are once again on trend with plenty of different styles to choose from.

 Traditional Charms

Traditional charm bracelets, similar to the iconic Tiffany bracelet, were popular in the 1950s and 60s amongst teenagers who would collect charms to mark significant events in their life. The charms would be attached by a link which would then dangle from the bracelet. Most jewellery stores will offer some form of traditional charm bracelet which still are popular gifts for Christenings and other significant life milestones.


 Modern Charms

Popular jewellery brands like Pandora and Links of London have modernised the traditional charm bracelet and have brought them back to the forefront of fashion. Their cute and quirky charms fit on to bracelets like beads and are interchangeable, allowing you to completely personalise your look.


Image courtesy of Pandora.net


Handmade vintage inspired charm bracelet from Cherished Trinkets

Friendship Charms

Originally popular in the nineties, friendship bracelets are having a resurgence. Often made from cord, thread or string, as opposed to traditional silver or gold, these low maintenance bracelets are perfect for customising with charms. High Street brands like Accessorize, ASOS, and Topshop have wide selections which are much too cute to give away to friends.


ASOS friendship bracelet

No other item of fashion has had quite as long a tradition so start collecting your charms and create your own little personal piece of history.

By Samantha Vandersteen

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