I certainly can’t claim that I’ve perfected the ideal life filled with happiness every minute of every day, but over my short nineteen years of living I have definitely picked up on the little things along the way that make me happier as a person. Here’s my little list of things that you should give a try to better your life:

Pick up a hobby


It’s one that has probably been reiterated to you time and time again, perhaps by your friend who says that tennis would be a great sport for you, or your dad who thinks “having a hobby is important”. But there is some truth in it. Having something to look forward to for yourself on a weekly basis is so important, and I have only picked up on this recently. I try to go swimming three times a week, initially to keep fit, but now I feel that it actually serves as a positive purpose in my life and gives me more of a routine. Why not attempt something you’ve never tried before, even if it’s as simple as attending a yoga class with a work friend. What else are you going to do with those few hours after work before you go to bed?

Reward Yourself

montezuma chocolate bar

I get it, there’s nothing more satisfying than finally feeling healthy and toned in day-to-day life, and you achieve this through your strict diet. But sometimes you need to live a little. If you’ve done something that you’re proud of today, give yourself a pat on the back and treat yourself to your favourite snack. To avoid the crash after consuming tons of calories which will probably resort to feelings of guilt, just eat it in moderation, or even find a healthy alternative online. Montezumas sell delicious organic chocolate bars that are probably much healthier than your average Twix.

Wake up Early


Various studies have shown that morning people exhibit character traits like optimism, being agreeable, satisfaction and conscientiousness. Give yourself more hours in the day and wake up at 8am this Saturday instead of 11am. Oversleeping can make you more tired and in turn, make you grouchy. You could practice a new exercise regime, read your favourite book, and watch a popular Netflix series all before midday just by rising a few hours earlier than usual!

Spend and Save

piggy bank

Saving money can make you feel financially secure, even if it’s only a little a month. Set up a savings account and build up some cash ready for some great summer memories. But, at the same time, spend on what will make you happy, as long as you’re not overspending out of your budget. The little things in daily life count too, so if you’ve wanted to try out that new makeup product you’ve seen advertised online for months, go ahead and buy it.

Lists, Lists and More Lists


This depends on your mindset, but I think that lists are a great way to create a sense of achievement. At work, try and propose a to-do list every day and tick off each job as you complete it. This will not only reduce stress as you are keeping on top of tasks and staying organised, but it will go towards helping you realise how much you have actually contributed to your job role on that day.

Soothe Yourself


Make sure you take time to relax. Nap when you need to. Take a salt bath if you wish. Use that face mask that’s been sitting in your drawer since Christmas. Or simply curl up in bed with a cup of tea and a good book. Relaxation comes in many shapes and forms, make sure to fit it into your schedule from now on.  

Stay Detached


When things don’t work out as planned, learn to stay detached from the situation. Detachment will help you to stay calm and control your moods and reactions. You should always be honest with yourself but it is beneficial to accept the good and the bad in order to stay balanced. Inner peace is key.

About the author

Having secured a creative writing place at Surrey University, Hannah’s inquisitive personality got the better of her as she was drawn towards an award-winning post-production company in the first working days of her life. The youngest of the Semple team, you could say that a realistic insight into the media industry moulded her into the confident, down-to-earth blondie she is today. A chocoholic, who was once known to pack 38 tops for 2 weeks in Fuerteventura, Hannah can often be found soaking up the latest health & beauty tutorials, partaking in retail therapy or enjoying some good Mexican food with friends. If there’s one thing you can be sure of, it’s that when the world beckons, Hannah will embrace it with arms wide open (and blog about it too!).

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