More than ever, I think this is the time of year where we need to put ourselves first.

Following on from Mental Health Week, it’s been a highly topical subject, but self-care should be important all year round. Although with the nights now drawing in and the rain continuing to fall, I feel it’s a vital topic to talk about.

It’s all too easy to put on a front and keep going. To push thoughts to the back of your mind. To keep busy in order to keep them at bay; hoping they’ll disappear or fade. 

However, that long-standing stigma of saying “I’m not okay” is finally beginning to lift. More and more of us feel comfortable admitting that, actually, we’re not okay. That we’re struggling. That we’re having a tough time at work or a moment in our lives that we’re hoping will pass. 

It’s refreshing to see and hear these admissions. To find out that not everyone is doing fine or ‘living their best life’ as we are so often led to believe. Everyone has struggles, has down days, and times in their life where they don’t feel happy or okay. It’s perfectly, life-affirmingly, normal.

The answer, to some of this perhaps, is to admit it. If only to oneself. To accept it. And perhaps, more than anything, to talk about it. Whatever it is. Talking really is the best medicine. Sometimes problems can be resolved, or sometimes it can simply feel like a weight has been lifted. And sometimes, it just helps to talk it through and feel as though somebody is listening. Because they are, and they will. If you’d only ask. Don’t ever feel like a burden or a nuisance. That someone isn’t interested or doesn’t have time. Put yourself first and simply start talking. I’ll all but promise they’ll pop the kettle on and sit down next to you.

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