Where white sands met blue shorelines, where the sun melts into idyllic lilac hues behind the rocky landscape, where days dissolve into one another and time stands still – that’s Bottle Beach.bb2

This genuine hidden gem is one of Koh Phangan’s best kept secrets. The deserted cove that can only be reached by boat offers long stretches of powdery sand, crystal blue lapping ocean and bamboo beach huts not 20 feet from the shore.



Tranquil and quiet; when you reach Bottle Beach you know have arrived in paradise. Spend your days dozing in your hammock, lounging on the beach while the palms sway above. Sip a coconut and soak in the sun while you devour that book you’ve been dying to read. Kayak around quartz blue ocean and explore the caves; dark, vast and eerily quiet, they are a stark contrast from the beauty of Bottle Beach, a trip inside isn’t for the easily spooked.

Bottle Beach is so perfect it’s even got it’s own song

Don’t miss watching the sunset from atop the mountains. It’s a trek through a jungle like terrain, past the skittering crabs and colourful lizards, and you’ll need to watch out for the falling tress and brace yourself for the dizzying heights. But once you do reach the top, just stop and take some time to breathe it all in; the sweet elixir of the sea and the earth, a stunning escape.bb5


After some solitary time alone with only your thoughts head back down in time for drinks and dinner around the bonfire. Set up camp right there on the beach, the cool sand beneath your feet now a welcome comfort for your sun kissed skin, and raise a glass of Sangsom rum to good friends, good times and island life. Enjoy the utter abandonment of the here and now because tomorrow is a new chapter, a new day that will bring with it a new adventure. Everyone will leave what has come to be our home for the past week, goodbyes will be said and our little island family will each go their own way – onto the next part of their voyage. It’s a bittersweet farewell, uncertain if our paths will ever once again cross on another stretch of sand, on some other far-flung corner of the globe, but regardless of what will be, we still have now and we’ll always have Bottle Beach.



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