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We often find ourselves wishing we could make a difference – we run charity races, donate spare change where we can and pray for those who need it. Whether we do this because of our own life experiences or because we are reminded of those who struggle daily, we do so out of love and compassion. 1:Face is an idea that we can come together and make a real difference; much like other brands with the same goals such as TOMS, 1Face offer the consumer the chance to join a movement.


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With the choice of nine watches, you can choose to support nine different causes. So whether you have a soft spot for animals, want to help feed the hungry, or support those living with cancer then look no further as for just $40 you can do just that. These sleek, simplistic watch designs have a similar look to the Apple Watch, but without the price tag and without the gluttony. Even the highest price watch, at $99 is still a worthy investment; allowing you to support all of the nine causes.


Image courtesy of Ally Hill’s Instagram – @allyhills

Be the Face of change with 1Face – 1Face

Many people are sceptical about supporting charities through brands such as this one and often ask what percentage of the watch proceeds actually go to the cause. With 1:Face they give you a quantitative number rather than a percentage – for example one of 1:Face’s red watches provides aids treatments for 8 people through their charity partner Keep a Child Alive. This way of measuring how much difference one watch can make is extremely effective; the supporter can feel confident in the brand and understand just how much of an impact their purchase will make on their chosen cause.

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1:Face watches are all unisex, waterproof and extremely durable, making them ideal for the fashion conscious who need an everyday accessory that they can feel proud of. With celebs from pop idol Justin Bieber, to YouTuber Ally Hills seen sporting these watches recently I doubt it’ll be long before people are buying them worldwide, helping more and more people along the way. The only question is…what cause do you support?

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