Blonde hair is a nightmare to maintain. I treat myself twice a year to a full head of beautifully toned highlights, but inbetween these visits, I find myself always on the look out for a product that will brighten my fading colour and lift my natural hair colour at the roots.

And believe me, I have tried my fair share of ‘lightening’ products which are available on the market today, and no matter how many times I fail to see a noticeable difference, I still get swept under the same ‘advertising spell’ when a new product is launched. I have even contemplated about turning to the ‘dark side’ in a bid to constantly have shiny and hassle free hair which I can easily maintain with a simple DIY hair dye kit. But every time this thought enters my head, I quickly bat it away, because I truly believe that everyone should embrace their natural hair colour.

Therefore, when a box from ‘White Hot’ arrived at MSL HQ, which contained a plethora of hair brightening goodies, I’ll admit I was skeptical to try the products out. The years of trying product after product had finally taken its toll on me and I was ready to give in to my ‘twice a year’ hair dying rule. However, the beautiful smelling products and labels promising me of rejuvenated locks proved too tempting for me to resist and I found myself scurrying the box home with a new found sense of hope.


And thank goodness I did. The ‘Brilliant Shampoo’ and ‘Luminous Conditioner’ left my hair feeling refreshed, completely knot free and smelling gorgeous. The ‘Lifeshine Oil’ gave my tired locks a new wave of brightening confidence and left my hair shiny and smooth. And after I finished blow drying, I applied the ‘Shooshing Creme’ which whipped my hair into shape and left it with a long lasting fragrance.


It was only when I took a step back from the mirror when I saw a noticeable difference in the shade and tone of my hair, and despite the products being aimed for ‘grey and white hair’ I would strongly recommend any blondes to try the ‘White Hot’ range to banish those brassy tones. Now that I have discovered Jayne Mayled’s company, my search for brightening products can now come to an end and I am able to stick to my ‘twice a year’ hair dying mantra.

By Hattie Lee

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