We always find ourselves leaning towards different colours, don’t we? Not only in the paint colour we choose for the walls of our homes, or in the cars we buy, but of course within our wardrobes too. The shades we wear is perhaps the biggest decision we make when it comes to choosing colour. It’s incredibly personal – not only in that it can determine how we feel day-to-day, but in the first impression it gives too.

Do our colour choices correlate though? Do we choose the same hues for our home as we do for our wardrobes? I can’t imagine those who vehemently wear black only introducing monochromatic colour schemes into their home; although, that being said, dark walls are deemed rather trendy when it comes to interiors now. Equally, do those who favour bright prints and lots of colour when it comes to style mirror this frivolity within their homes?

When I open the doors to my wardrobe, it’s fairly evident that I like colour. Or rather, that I don’t shy away from it. I have blues and creams, pinks and greens. I like buttery yellow in summer and warm khaki in winter. I like almost all colours, although, I detest lime green and I’m not a fan of neon; so, I suppose I would never introduce these colours into our home. I love a red jumper, but I would think twice about red paint.

In the throes of renovation and surrounded by colour charts, I’m surprised to find myself veering away from neutral tones. There are so many “whites” to choose from (School House White, Stong White, Joa’s White, Hardwick White) that I’m leaning more towards darker, smokier and richer colours. Colours that I would certainly hang in my wardrobe too, so perhaps there is something in that.

Colour is so wonderfully subjective. It divides households and closet rails. It can be fleeting; especially when it comes to our homes. I don’t see myself jumping on the interiors bandwagon for going all dark, at least not in every room, but I do find myself suggesting colours that are a little out of my comfort zone. But then, when I look in my wardrobe, I find myself thinking – and seeing – the very same thing. 

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