If there’s a style or design you like, or something that’s caught your eye more recently, you tend to see it more and more. It’s in the adverts when you’re scrolling online, or you see it when you’re out and about. Perhaps this is probably because you’re more aware of it than anything else.

This has happened to me in recent weeks with all-neutral outfits. As the weather warms up and the sun reappears, I’m excited to be wearing lighter hues and neutral shades.

I love an all-white outfit. White jeans and a white tee are both summer staples for me. It’s wonderfully simple but so effortless. The more I look, the more I see others adorning a similar style. It’s the perfect season to try something new. Whilst I’m all for wearing neutral tones through the depths of winter too, it always seems more fitting during summertime.

While some may shy away from whites and creams, it’s the elegance of these shades that I love. Even a crisp white T-shirt looks stylish – especially when layered with gold necklaces. If whites scare you off – it’s always good to have a backup in-case you do spill your coffee down yourself – greys and soft yellows follow the same suit. Beige has made a comeback too, it seems. No longer seen as the colour of choice for those over 60, beige blazers and cardigans also make stylish summer staples.

All these colours and tones work wonderfully together too. Creams with beige and yellow with grey or white. If you’re a little out of your comfort zone in wearing an all-neutral outfit, try pairing with darker accessories like khaki pumps or a black handbag – or even a black blazer – to ground it a little and make it feel more like ‘you’.

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