It’s finally New Years Eve, and I bet like me, you’re once again hatching a last minute plan to try and better last years night of celebrations. While we are all under no illusion that tonight is one of the most hyped up days of the year, and you’ll no doubt wake up on the 1st feeling no different than you did yesterday, we all secretly want to have a good New Years Eve.

For many, New Years Eve provides them with the perfect opportunity and occasion to say a fond farewell to the moments which we never want to re-live, and toast to the year to come, which is filled with hopes, dreams and excitement. So to ensure you’re not already tucked up in bed before Big Ben strikes at 12, have a browse through Semple’s last minute guide to New Year – because no-one likes a scrooge.

The family

New Year with your family is one of my favourites and requires very little planning. Start the evening off with a culinary delight that is to everyones taste, then its time to get the games out the loft for a spot of monopoly, or trivial pursuit. Then before you know it, its champagne time, with a fire lit in the background and the family together, talk about the moments which made you laugh, smile and even cry, all while waiting for the famous London fireworks and singing along with Jools Holland.


The couple

As long as you’re together, you know you’re going to be welcoming in the new year with the one you love. Therefore, you don’t need to panic that you don’t have your favourite restaurant booked, or that you’re not being whisked off to Paris or Times Square. Instead, order in a takeaway, watch a film or go on a romantic stroll, before heading out to your local pub with your other loved up friends to toast the occasion amongst a crowd – oh and most importantly, make sure you’re together for the strike of 12, because everyone loves a New Years kiss.


The singleton

New Year’s eve is the best night of the year to be single, as long as you don’t get too horrifically drunk and start your year regretting last nights antics! Get dressed up to the nines with friends while sipping (not downing) champagne before heading out and mingling with other singletons and dancing the night away. Then jump in a cab, make yourselves some toast and a brew, as this is the perfect preventative hangover cure to be sure you’re ready for a day of family fun in a few hours time.Hattie3

The broken hearted

Please do not – I repeat – do not sit in front of the television watching Bridget Jones eating your body weight in Ben and Jerry’s while drinking vodka from the bottle. New Years Eve on your own is depressing enough without you adding in all the horrible cliches. No matter what you think, there will always be someone you know who is in the same boat as you or somewhere you can go to find them…. and you secretly know this. So put down the tub and mingle with friends as both you, and your waistline, will feel much better for it.

Hattie1Happy New Year everyone, we’ll see you on the other side.

By Hattie Lee

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