This week, as London endured yet another tube strike, I found myself getting stuck in the most uninspiring places. Tube undergrounds, train platforms and in the middle of a penguin like huddles. I wasn’t a fan and I’m sure many of you who had similar experiences would agree. But it got me thinking. Where would the best places in the world be to get stuck? Here’s my run down.

1. Number one on my list would have to be Yosemite National Park in the middle of my favourite American state, California. If the mountains walls were to join, and lock us all in its handful of pure natural beauty with sky high trees and glistening rivers, I don’t think I would have a word of complaint. For those of you that enjoy an adventure, this place needs to go on your bucket list. Full of natural treasures the the most beautiful views, Yosemite is welcome to keep me waiting there.

2. The shopaholic in me would love to be stuck for hours on end inside the Dubai Mall. This grand, 440,000 square feet Fashion Avenue has everything a girl could dream of, from our favourite high street shops to cabinets of beguiling diamonds. If the tubes wanted to have a strike in here, I would happily conform.

3. Number three on my list would be to get stuck in any one of Jamie Oliver’s restaurants. I’d even go as far as saying I’d happily queue for hours in his homely kitchen if needs be. I love Italian food, but Jamie’s Italian food cannot be beaten. His rustic, mouth-watering dishes never fail to amaze me, and I’m always left stuffed for words. My frown would be turned upside down if I was kept waiting inside one of his diners by a man in a fluorescent visor.

4. As we all huddled in Victoria station like a tin of sardines, I thought of being locked away in the wardrobe of some of our favourite style icons. From Audrey Hepburn to Moss and Middleton, just imagine the fun you would have wasting the house away trying on dresses, jackets and the most divine Louboutins, Carrie Bradshaw style. If only these wardrobes were a stop on the district line.

5. My final lock in would be inside the mind of incredible film director and known eclectic, Baz Luhrmann. I think you could spend days gaining an insight into the mind and creative thinking one of the greatest directors of our time. His films are both an entertaining spectacle and muse for many other works. I can only imagine that to be locked inside the mind of this creative genius would be as good as having a glass or three with the Great Gatsby.

So that’s my list. Where would you like to be kept waiting for a train? Let us know by commenting on this post below.

By Marni Banks

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