Every once in a while fashion throws up a trend that will test even the most committed of fashion followers dedication. This season it’s the much mocked culottes that are making a comeback and dividing the fashion world.

Okay so they aren’t the most offensive item; they aren’t skin tight or flashing a lot of flesh, in fact normally they are relatively covered up and loose fitting. But for those of us who grew up in the nineties they will hold bad memories of mud coloured Brownie uniforms that we thought we had left well behind us.

The term culottes refer to an item of clothing that hangs like a skirt but on closer inspection appears to be more like trousers. And they are not without their benefits. Their naturally loose fit makes them ultra comfy and their modest length (normally the same as a midi skirt) makes them office appropriate too. It’s also a trend that is without age restriction (thanks a lot crop tops!).

longTopshop £40.00 Topshop £40.00

 On a personal level I had vowed never to touch culottes ever again once my Brownie uniform wearing days were behind me but on a recent shopping trip I found myself accidently picking them up – tricked into thinking they were skirts! I immediately put them back down but since then I have wondered if I have been too hasty? Perhaps we need to give culottes another chance. The midi skirt trend has eased us in so it’s not a huge jump to these loose baggy trousers. Play this trend safe in plain block colours or go loud and proud with Topshop’s tropical prints. If you want to be ahead of the pack then try the short version of culottes available at ASOS with tights until the weather improves.

shortsTopshop £32.00 Topshop £38.00

I’m not quite ready to jump on the baggy trousered bandwagon just yet but when I do I will definitely be leaving my Brownie badges at home.

By Samantha Vandersteen

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