At every other time of the year, I’m never really fussed. I can’t say they’re my biggest consideration when it comes to my wardrobe, but as soon as the seasons change and winter is on its way, all I can think about is boots. And finding the perfect pair(s). I do agree that shoes can make or break an outfit, but during the spring and summer months I’m more than happy to pop on a pair of white trainers. Maybe a loafer if I’m feeling a little more fancy.

Come the wet and windy season though, there is nothing better than a sturdy, stylish boot. I personally prefer an ankle boot, especially when worn with skinny jeans, but I have been tempted by a more cowboy style or even over-the-knee in the past.

I often find, that if you’re on the hunt for a decent, timeless black boot, you shouldn’t have any trouble. There is always an array available both on the high street or with more high-end retailers – sporting buckles, bells or square toes. The trouble is, I’m more of a neutral girl. I’ve said this before, but I’m never really one for wearing a lot of black, so I much prefer a tan or brown boot. They perfectly complement blue denim but can also be worn with neutral trousers too.

Because we’re in England, and the heavens frequently seem to open, suede isn’t always practical – hence my need for more than one pair. If you look after them though, they should last just as well as a good leather pair.

With a heel or without? That’s really up to you, but a good ‘day heel’ can help to elevate an outfit in my opinion, and it should be comfortable to walk in all day – to work, between meetings or out for dinner in the evening. 

Having spent many an hour scrolling online for the perfect pair(s), I thought I’d share a few of my favourites. 

And no, I’ve still haven’t bought a pair. Decisions, decisions.

Hartford Leather Boot | Joules | £139

Suede Ankle Boot | M&S | £59

Lucile Sand Boot | Flattered | £149

Leather Boots | COS | £150

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