Last week I had the pleasure of visiting the delightful city of Rome. Full of wonder and charm, Rome is an ideal location for sites that will leave you breathless, history that will continuously have you full and people that will keep you smiling. We got lost, very lost, and it was perfect. We ate too much pasta and enough pizza to put the most frequent Dominoes customer to shame. We explored, we travelled, and we walked for hours upon hours. We got ice cream and climbed a hill in 30 degree heat, we woke up early and went to bed late, we took a lot of pictures and drank too many double espressos, because, well, when in Rome…


Staying just two minutes from Termini station, the main station that takes you from the airport to the city centre, Hotel Morgana was an ideal hub within walking distance to all major attractions. The trams taking people to and from work, the hustle and bustle of local shops and restaurants and the clanging of wine glasses complete the soundtrack to your weekend away.



One of the things I love most about Rome is looking up. The shutters that elegantly decorate the windows add character to each building – every bay seems to tell its own story. Some are bursting with flowers others are minimal yet bold and the bright blue skyline that protects them all makes each building stand out a little brighter.


Roaming around Rome is effortless. Each street carries you with ease and beckons you to explore a little further. The city is peaceful and the cobbled floors along with the signature pastel colours of homes and shops make it one of the most beautiful cities to get lost in.



The buildings are opulent and extravagant. Each building has a history so grand and the fine detail to accompany it. From The Vatican, St Peters Church to the Sistine Chapel, Rome is a wonderful escape to fully marvel in the art and rich culture.


There are striking sunsets every single day, but seeing the sunset next to the Colosseum – one of the new 7th wonders of the world – is something completely separate. It’s hard to imagine all that took place (gladiatorial and public spectacle events) in the Colosseum, when the sun begins to set and rest easy by its side. At only 12 Euros entry, it is a must-see.



If you plan on having a long weekend away this summer or just fancy something different, consider Rome. My advice: Take comfortable footwear. You will walk, a lot.


About the author

After graduating with a degree in Publishing, Journalism & Media Tasha spent a term studying Music Journalism and Creative Writing in New York and also took a short course in Fashion & Beauty Journalism at LCF. While on her travels in Australia she jumped 14,000ft out off a plane and passed out half way down (ha!). When she’s not travelling, reading or writing she spends most of her time floating in her own colourful imagination.

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