Nha Trang sometimes gets a bad rep for being a bit of a party town and with direct daily flights from Russia it has quickly become a popular holiday spot for Europeans looking for a cheap, good time. But it doesn’t have to be all about the bars and the nightlife. Nha Trang has some charm if you just dig deep enough. So to avoid the tourist traps here are my top three musts while visiting Nha Trang.

Where to Stay

I’m not exactly a hostel fan but when travelling for a great length of time sometimes needs must. Having said that, when in Nha Trang there really is only one place to stay and that is Mojzo’s Inn. Nestled down a tiny backstreet this hostel offers you not only a bed for the night at an extremely reasonable price, but a real family vibe that I have yet to find anywhere else. From the second you arrive you will be welcomed with open arms by the women who work there. Snow and Twin are among some of the nicest people I have had the pleasure to meet. They know all their guests by name, taking the time to sit and get to know each and every person. They are eager to help out however they can, and are, always on hand to offer great tips for seeing the very best Nha Trang has to offer – nothing is too much trouble for the staff at Mojzo’s. The beds are comfy, the rooms exceptionally clean and the free breakfast first class (we still dream about the poached eggs). I turned 26 during my stay at Mojzo’s and I couldn’t have asked for a better place to celebrate. Greeted with a delicious personalised cake, the girls at Mojzo’s fussed over me all day and truly made my birthday one to remember. Mojzo’s gets a 10/10 from me.




Thrill Seekers

Take a trip to Nha Trang’s waterfall for a day of trekking, daredevil cliff jumps and a slice of Vietnamese culture at it’s very best. Locals flock to the dizzying heights of the waterfall to spend the day lounging in the cool streams, sipping cold beers and barbequing local delicacies. Friendly and welcoming, don’t be shy if they invite you to join in the fun. Grab a beer and sample some tasty squid while learning a word of two in Vietnamese.



Warning: the accessibility to the waterfall can be a challenge and a certain level of fitness will be needed to reach the very top – that and some balls for heights and scaling vertical drops. But the views are worth it and after working up a sweat taking a dip in the freshening stream is a welcome treat.

Wine and Dine

When you’re travelling you miss little slices of home, and while it’s great to immerse yourself in the culture of the country sometimes all you want is a good glass of wine and an antipasti board. If this sounds like you, then head straight to Patricks Wine Bar. This cellar bar ran by French owner Deffein Patrick is a hot spot for not only those looking to indulge a little, but for the locals who frequent the bar too. Offering live music every night, 450 wines all available by the glass, and a menu full of all your favourites; cold cuts, fresh marinated olives and all cheese you can eat, Patrick’s truly is the perfect place to while way an evening, or two.



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