Today is the day that millions of dedicated fans have waited for. The eagerly anticipated third season of Orange is the New Black has been released on Netflix. In 2013 OITNB’s debut season blew up unexpectedly, gaining some of the most loyal and passionate fans a series like this has ever had, and so it was a no-brainer that a second season would follow. Based on a memoir by Piper Kerman, detailing her time spent in a women’s prison following her money laundering and drug trafficking wild years; it’s a story with unfathomable potential, offering us an incredibly wide range of characters each telling their own stories of love, friendship and struggle.

“I think that when you have a connection with someone, it never really goes away.” – Alex Vause


One thing OITNB has been praised most for is it’s representation of the diverse selection of female characters, sparking a particular interest in the Feminist and LGBTQ communities. From bisexual Piper Chapman, love obsessed Italian-American Morello, to Sophia played by Laverne Cox, a transexual woman who has seen incredible support and fame since appearing on the show. OITNB has a character for everyone to immerse themselves in and open their eyes to a wider world. Add to that multiple killer storylines and you’ve got yourself a show you can binge watch for days on end – and trust me you will!

“Hope is a dangerous thing.” – Miss Claudette


Although there are many things that this show does right, OITNB’s depiction of prison life is probably so far beyond reality. A fact that I have to remind myself of every time I consider committing a crime in order to find myself locked up at Litchfield and becoming Alex’s prison wife (don’t judge me, I know you’ve thought about it too). So for now I’ll settle for months of craving for a few days ecstasy, reblogging GIFs on Tumblr and quoting characters in the hope that someone will get the reference and we can swap notes. You see that’s the only problem with Netflix Original, they release whole seasons at a time. Now I know that sounds like the least of a problem, but in a few days time when I’ve burnt through the whole of the third season I’ll be left feeling empty and alone, waiting another whole year until the next season – such sweet torture!

“I’m scared that I’m not myself in here, and I’m scared that I am.” – Piper Chapman


Like many others I try to pace myself with OITNB but fail miserably, becoming a hermit crab, locked up in my room with endless snacks. But is there anything really wrong with that? Losing yourself in a storyline to escape your working week? I don’t think so, so keep calm and binge on. Welcome back to Litchfield…

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