Follow the road down Park Street, past the Banksy and off in the middle of a dark street you wouldn’t have otherwise noticed, you’ll see a red light, at first you’ll overlook it but it will call your name. Pick up the public telephone and a lady on the other line will ask how many are in your party, she’ll open the big, graffiti covered door revealing a neon warmth and a black staircase leading you to one of Bristol’s best kept secrets; welcome to Red Light, the bar that will leave you wishing it really was the 1950s outside.



This small, but cosy underground bar is said to be styled on a 1950s brothel, but before I let that put you off, I assure you that it’s class and suave charm will have you believe all brothels must be this gorgeous…although I highly doubt that.

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Their specialty is most definitely cocktails, ranging in price and strength depending on your pay check and your day; there’s something for everyone. Table service is one of the many things that sets this place apart from it’s peers, you are seated in your candlelit booths and greeted by a waiter who looks as if he’s stepped off the set of Masters of Sex, with his crisp white shirt and braces. He’ll help you choose a cocktail, and even have the bar rustle up something different for those with particular tastes. The drinks here are superbly crafted – a huge ice block sits on top the bar, chunks of which are chipped off into tumblers, while the alcohol soaked cherries and fresh mint eagerly await the liquid courage that will be shaken and doused on top.

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 12.02.54

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 12.02.40But if cocktails aren’t your thing, no need to worry, they also have a great selection of wines as well as beer and cider served in a frosted glass tankard. The crowd is varied, some business men in their suits having a drink after work, a group of students celebrating a birthday and couples having a romantic evening. The venue is as diverse as it’s customers, with three different areas this compact bar has made the most of it’s space without having it feel cramped.



The music at Red Light is also something to be praised, it’s non intrusive presence sets the scene and immerses you in an era so cherished that we all wish we could have lived through, and right here just off modern day Park Street, is the closest you’ll get!

By Talia Maguire

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