Fashion can be tiring. The high heels, the tight jeans, the unforgiving dresses; sometimes it’s like a full time job! But everyone is entitled to a few days off and this year fashion has given us a break by providing plenty of off duty looks that are perfect for lounging around.

The “not really off duty” off duty look

We’ve all seen the pictures of the “off duty” models in magazines. Gone is the couture, the polished make up and the heels but they still look on trend and gorgeous. Okay, so model genes help with this a lot, but if the thought of going completely fashionless for a day fills you with dread then this is the perfect “I just threw this on look”. Ripped jeans, skater shoes and an oversized leather jacket are a must for models on their off duty days. Natural looking make up and loose hair will finish off your relaxed look.

Go big 

For lazy Sundays that are filled with long walks and pub lunches, the oversized trend is the perfect dressed down. A baggy jumper with leggings will hide the evidence of a tummy filled with yummy pub food and rolled up boyfriend jeans are ideal for stomping through the park.

Gym bunny

We all know that fashion shouldn’t be a factor when it comes to the gym but, let’s be honest, it is. You are surrounded by mirrors and people who are miles fitter than you so you might as well look part. The sporty chic trend for this year is not just for show and you can have a hardworking gym wardrobe that will keep you on trend and fashion fit too.

Just hanging

The Sunday after the night before is always going to be a duvet day. If your head is pounding then fashion goes out the window. Luckily the high street knows how important pyjama days are, they have a host of the comfiest and cutest pj sets around.

Everyone needs a fashion break every once in a while so make sure you have some off duty looks in your wardrobe for days when only chocolate and a box set will do.

By Samantha Vandersteen


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