Funkyoffish adjective /fun-key-oh-fish/ 1. A phrase derived from the words funky and the abbreviation of official, “offish”, coined by Pixie Geldof and Ashley Williams. 


Fashion brands are evolving before our very eyes. It’s no longer enough for Chanel to just offer the perfect suit, for Manolo Blahnik to just produce the perfect pump, because as consumers we are investing more of our time and energy into our favourite fashion labels, and as a result of this we expect that much more back in return. As social media platforms reach staggering heights of popularity, our beloved brands are everywhere we turn. Gone are the days of having no choice but to physically leave your house to get your fix (god forbid!); we are now utterly consumed by the style, views, and ideological values of the multitude of labels that make up our fashion industry. So I guess it was only a matter of time before a brand took it to the next level – where social media and fashion meets technology and lifestyle to create a super brand for the digital age!

Funkyoffish – the fabulously kitsch brainchild of Pixie Geldof and Ashley Williams – originated when on a trip to her lawyers office, Pixie faced the sartorial dilemma of needing to look official (‘offish’) whilst staying true to her funky roots, and in that moment of collaborative genius the term funkyoffish was coined and a new culture was born.

Funkyoffish is a lifestyle, it’s something you do, say, and become. You begin to see Funkoffish behaviour wherever you turn, and events, outfits, and situations slowly become measured in terms of their FO credentials. Founders Pixie and Ashley promote the Funkyoffish way through a stream of retro Instagram snaps and encourage fellow Funkyoffish fiends to share their FO inspired images with the brand hashtag.

Despite the thousands of fans and followers that make up the FO family the brand currently only consists of a small collection of T-shirts and jewellery depicting the Funkyoffish branding. But with such creative original vision and brand ambassadors in the form of Nick Grimshaw and Alexa Chung, the Funkyoffish phenomena is set to become a super brand of the 21st century, completely rewriting the rule book for the future of fashion brands.



Get in touch with your Funkyoffish side by following these rules:

Designers: Chanel, Miu Miu, Moschino

Colour: Pink

Watch: Clueless, the Craft, Mean Girls, Grease

Listen to: Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears

FO icons: Karl Lagerfeld, Miuccia Prada

By Jenna Jones

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