As the holiday that trumps even Christmas for the amount of chocolate shovelled into your gob in a single day, Easter normally induces a sugar coma of immense proportions. I’m talking sugar sweats, feeling borderline nauseous for the whole bank holiday and being able to feel your teeth rot in your head. But hey, it’s Easter! So if you’re going to feel that monumentally ill due to a complete lack of self-control, you may as well be suffering for a just cause. I’m on a mission to find Easter Eggs which bring a bit more to the table than your generic Cadbury’s Buttons egg for £1 which has chocolate half a centimetre thick and a measly pack of buttons in the middle.

Hotel Chocolat

My pet hate about cheap Easter Eggs are that they are very, very hollow and have very, very thin chocolate. Which means a poor chocolate to satisfaction ratio. Luckily for me, Hotel Chocolat do an ‘extra thick’ egg range, which encase 12 different chocolates in the middle all working together to emulate the flavours of a rocky road. Rocky road being one of my favourite tray bakes, combine it in an Easter egg and I am one happy (Easter) bunny.



Hotel Chocolat: ‘Rocky Road to Caramel Extra Thick Easter Egg



Cheesecake? Yum. Raspberries? Double yum . White chocolate? You’ve got me hook line and sinker. A vision of pink, this would certainly satisfy any sweet toothed pudding fan.


Thorntons: ‘Raspberry Cheesecake Easter Egg


 Selfridges & Co.

For the booze lover who wants something decadent, nothing beats champagne truffles. Except, perhaps, champagne truffles inside a chocolate egg. Naughty but oh so nice.


Selfridges & Co.: Charbonnel et Walker Milk Chocolate Egg with Champagne Truffles 


 Harvey Nichols

For the guilt free (ish) chocaholic, Booja Booja have produced ethical, dairy free, organic, gluten free chocolates. All presented in a beautiful wooden egg. I adore the heat of ginger and I think it alleviates the sickly sweet, claggy feeling you get from eating too much processed sugar. What’s more, Booja Booja work in partnership with Kashmiri artists and proceeds from each egg go towards their lives and families. Scoffing chocs and helping people, sounds ideal.


Harvey Nichols: Booja Booja: Stem Ginger Truffles Wooden Egg



 Happy Easter from all of us here at Semple

By Jessica Moffatt-Owen

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