Mulled wine, ice skating, roasting chestnuts, the Kardashian christmas card…Ok so probably not where you saw that list leading but believe it or not the K clans annual xmas offering is becoming as synonymous with the festive season as Santa Claus himself. And 2013’s eagerly anticipated card – shot by renowned commercial photographer David LaChapelle – certainly doesn’t disappoint

Unless you’re a die hard Kardashian fan you are probably under the assumption that this festive tradition started as just another money spinning publicity stunt, thought up by formidable Momager Kris Jenner. But in fact the tradition dates back to the 1980s when Kim, Kourtney and Khloe were just nippers and Kris was still married to the late Robert Kardashian.

The Kardashian’s pride themselves on their strong work ethic and business savvy minds but what has really driven the clan over the years is the overwhelming sense of family unity. Together they support each other in their decisions and relish in the fact that they have a wealth of siblings and kin that can relate to their crazy lifestyle. But this year, considerable cracks have started to appear in the previously bulletproof Kardashian armour. And the last few months have seen the family ride a wave of emotional ups and downs, each played out frame by frame in the eye’s of the world’s media. Following two marriage breakdowns, alleged substance abuse, and Rob’s continual battle with his waistline the distinct lack of Kardashian patriarchs in the 2013 lineup was hardly surprising and the card’s satirical spin and reported illuminati references have only helped to reinforce the media frenzy that continually surrounds the family.

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David Lachapelle

With not a snowflake or reindeer in sight, LaChapelle’s $250,000 showstopper has thrown convention to the wind and caused many a question to be asked. Like a modern day Where’s Wally, the 2013 card has created a world of controversy as conspiracy theorists try to decipher the layer upon layer of biblical imagery, blatant pop cultural references and alleged illuminati symbols that are clearly placed within the photograph.

Shot in what appears to be an abandoned movie theatre, the Kardashian’s are strategically placed amongst a sea of magazine covers which give reference to one of the first interesting talking points. Both Kanye West – who has often been linked to the illuminati conspiracy – and Khloe’s estranged husband Lamar Odom can be clearly seen amidst the piles of glossy gossip mags. Simply an innocent nod to their fame crazed lifestyle or specifically chosen and poignantly placed visuals that LaChapelle and the Kardashians wanted consumers to see?

Matriarch Kris Jenner is seen sitting smugly on what appears to be a derelict box office with her outstretched hands caressing the words ‘money‘ and ‘Kardashian‘. Is the box office meant to symbolise the momagers cash cow attitude towards the Kardashian brand, showcasing her pivotal role in the orchestrated success of her brood? Or perhaps it is merely a representation of how their lives are continually played out on screen like an ongoing ‘movie’.

Without even touching upon the two illuminati pyramids placed behind the Jenner sisters and the unmistakably huge gold dollar sign placed next to Kim (the most lucrative and famous member of the family), the card can only be described as a cultural smorgasbord of symbols, metaphors and theories that leave you seriously questioning the clan’s ‘family values’. So are the Kardashians simply having a tongue in cheek dig at the entertainment industry that they inhabit or is there more to it than meets the all-seeing eye?

By Jenna Jones

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