The winter always comes with the promise of looking chic and having a glamours festive filled time. We picture strolls in auburn carpeted parks wrapped up in snugly knits and luxe fur hats, our shiny locks tumbling to the side in soft ringlets and a glow to our cheeks from the nip of the crisp air. It’s a scene from a christmas movie and we are the stars. But the reality is dry chapped lips, bundled layers leaving you resembling a snowman and the dreaded frizzy flyaway hair that has to be the bane of my existence. In the summer months my hair and I are at one. We have a good relationship; by this I mean it does what I want it to do. Sun kissed natural sea salt induced waves and everyone is happy. But come October that all goes to pot and in its place is a tangled dry frizzy mess, that I nine times out of ten hide under a wooly hat. But  just as I was about to give up and give in to the festive frizz, my locks were saved.

Allow me to introduce to you Carol Joy London. Now you might remember Carol Joy from my previous beauty must haves blog post, I feel in love with their definition and shine shampoo and have been hooked ever since. But shampoo is merely the tip of the ice berg with this beauty guru.

Worldwide travel, Carol Joy Hatton embarked on a journey to discover a unique anti-ageing ingredient that would benefit not only the skin, but also the hair and nails. Her search took her everywhere from America to Tokyo, Russia to South Africa and it was in Switzerland that she discovered the precious ingredient she had been searching for: Golden Millet Oil. Powerful antioxidant qualities combined with clinically proven results made it the perfect foundation. Carol then worked with a pioneering Swiss Laboratory to formulate all her products with this ingredient, also creating a supplement of pure Golden Millet Oil to work in synergy with the range. Carol Joy believe in treating from the inside out and the outside in and promise that their products deliver truly outstanding results for. To say I was excited to have my very own Carol Joy moment was an understanment.


Arriving at The Dorchester just before my appointment I was greeted by helpful staff you showed me to the spa. A haven of clam and aromas of delicate floral oils awaited and I knew I was in for a luxurious treat. Once I was inside the Carol Joy Salon I felt istantly at ease, my stylist was welcoming and attentive, taking my coat and seating me in a plush white leather chair she then brought me a black americano in a quaint tea cup and a copy of vogue. I knew I loved this place.Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 16.10.12

She then explained that I would be trying out the Carol Joy Royal Scalp Treatment which would last 45 mins and a blow dry to finish. The experience began with the stylist examining my scalp to ensure there would be no reactions. Knowing I was in the hands of a knowledgeable professional who would see I left her capable hands with the hair still on my head, meant I was relaxed and ready to enjoy my luxurious pampering session.

To start with Oxygen is applied to the scalp using the Oxyjet to boost cell renewal and allow for deeper penetration of the ingredients. To follow my hair was cleansed and rebalanced to remove any impursites with the Carol Joy Definition and Shine shampoo and conditioner. The smell is heavenly and the  scalp massage is so relaxing that I never wanted it to end. With my hair washed I was then told of the next stage, the steam treatment. This intense treatment begins with a gentle steaming action to prepare the hair for the products and to boost circulation. The heat opens the cuticles and follicles so that the hair can easily absorb the nourishing effect of the golden millet oil. Finally The treatment was applied, a menthol product which leaves a cooling tingling feeling which lasts for 10 minutes. I found the this stage extremely refreshing and have never felt my hair so perfectly clean and soft.

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 16.10.36

To finish my experience my stylist applied a anti ageing serums along the hair line to give an uplifting effect before blow drying my hair into bouncy soft waves. I left the salon with a spring in my step and turning a few heads. I always find my hair to be quite thin, but the Carol Joy treatment and blow dry had given my hair such volume and body that I almost couldn’t believe it was me. Effects of the Royal Scalp Treatment can be expect to last 2 weeks depending on your usual hair routine as heavy product will strip the treatment from the hair quicker, so yes the £180 price tag might seem extravagant but you really can’t put a price on hair this good. I will be back.

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 16.10.02

Available at The Dorchester on Park Lane

Treatment £120.00 45 mins

Blow dry £60.00

By Sophie Maguire

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