I’ve read a few articles recently all with a similar message when it comes to gifting this Christmas. Many of them probably apply more to people with children – and not going overboard with too many presents – but I think it’s an important message for adults too.

This may seem like a rather Grinch-inspired thought. Especially as we’re only entering the festive season now, but I promise you it isn’t. It’s just that sometimes I think the ‘less is more’ mantra applies to Christmas too.

I absolutely love to buy people gifts. To spend time thinking of thoughtful presents and spend time wrapping them up beautifully. It is the anticipation of seeing friends and family open them and knowing that they’ll love it. Giving gifts always outweighs receiving them for me. So, I’m definitely guilty of it. I go over the top. I spend more money than I probably should, but it’s all because I love doing it. If you can’t spoil people you love, then who can you? This year though, I really want to try and make more considered purchases. It’s all too easy to go over the top, to keep buying just one more present when really, something small, thoughtful and special is all that is needed.

As you grow older, you come to understand and appreciate the act of giving more too I think. And especially of how much things can cost. I would hate for someone to spend money they don’t really have on something for me, when a card or something so small would be more than enough. I understand we’re coming into the time of year for giving but giving can mean so much more than a big and expensive present. 

Now, more than ever, it really is the thought that counts.

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