We all know that modern living is overwhelmingly hectic; we never have time to stop, can’t afford to take enough time off, are shortening our lives and reducing our happiness with stress, et cetera et cetera. What I’m starting to suspect is that our chaotic lifestyles are leading us to long for a simpler, more carefree way of living, or at the very least bring some of the ideals of the sixties’ hippie into present day in the noughties by replicating their style. If you often find yourself craving a road trip, or longing to sit by a campfire with friends, then watch out for the following few occurrences as it may turn out that you are one of the many who is longing for a taste of some bohemian living.

Party in the Park

Whenever possible thousands of people spend their summers camping at music festivals, escaping from the realities of their normal lives. Within the security barriers of the event people from all walks of life will bond over a love of good tunes and good booze as they unite in the need for some days away from work worth remembering; a party in a field which they will later relay to their friends, endlessly reminiscing about the good times that were shared.

Summer Style

Whilst attending these festivals and any other vaguely similar laid back summertime events, an uncontrollable need to dress in maxi dresses and floral headbands is released. This new temporarily adoptive bohemian is transported far away from their typical choices of denim jeans and cotton tees, donning feathers and flowers aplenty, adorned with theatrical makeup and long flowing locks of tousled hair. After the event has passed, this free loving style has a tendency to work its way into everyday life; look out for colourful wristbands and braided friendship bracelets for signs that the wearer is holding on to their recently enjoyed hippie style days

Rolling Retro

Forgetting to hanker over the latest BMW, Audi or Aston Martin, opting to ditch the air con and save for something with a dash of history and heaps of personality instead, people are buying in to a piece of the old school, and spending even more to restore classic vehicles to their glory days. The VW Campervan is one of the ultimate style symbols for relaxed, fun loving living. They scream camping trips, late night drives and a mad dash to the beach on sunny days. Cruising in their vintage camper, the secret hippie can earn extra brownie points by turning up to their festival of choice with your newfound fashion sense heightened with the perfect backdrop – their standout classic cruiser.

Get Snapping

These long summer nights have to be recorded somehow, just in case too many ciders have been flowing through your veins and the memories become hazy. In an age when it is easy to achieve crystal clear photographs, it is once again a preferred choice to embrace the sixties look by using filters to transform images into grainy textured faded snapshots. Just look through your Instagram feed and you’ll see plenty of washed out pictures, many improved by a quick switch into old-fashioned black and white. Of course the bohemians of old would store these captured moments in a well-loved photo album, but that’s no longer going to win over updating the addictive Facebook feed. Realistically that Campervan probably has a newly built engine, and the majority of floaty dresses and feather hair accessories are most likely purchased within the last month from a high street store. We know that only few will truly revert back to ways of the hippie, but we’ll gladly take a modernised slice of lifestyle any sunny day that comes our way.

By Sophie Seymour ☮

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