For every woman, there is an item or accessory that becomes a staple part of their everyday wear. This could be anything from a worn pair of converse to a delicate silver chained necklace. Either way, it is an item you favour, treasure and love. For Muslim women, this item is an imperative. Denoting their religious beliefs, the Hijab is a scarf worn to cover the hair and neck of a woman, symbolising her privacy and devotion to the male in her life. The Hijab is an essential part of a Muslim woman’s wardrobe, and it is this significance which makes it one of the most elegant and timeless accessories in the history of fashion.

The Hijab is the most popular veil worn in the West, and until most recently, it is worn mainly out of choice. During the 19th century, the idea of women wearing protective clothing was denounced and the rules became much more lenient. However, today sees a revival of the Hijab; it is a symbol of self respect and assertion in society. The Hijab unveils the beauty of the person inside, their personality and the characteristics that she embodies.

Underneath the modest scarf lies an empowered woman with an impeccable sartorial eye. Many of you might recall the famous scene from the second Sex and the City film which, aside from its humour, demonstrates the time and effort Muslim women spend on their self image making them some of the most confident and beautifully dressed women in the world. Their luscious locks may be hidden beneath the scarf, but the Hijab is something that is as beautiful as it is necessary.

Owing to the size of the Qu’ran culture, which instructs men and women to dress modestly, scarves are a popular accessory and therefore constitute as a large sector of the market in the fashion industry. London’s very own Liberty store has a renowned repertoire for beguiling scarves, showcasing some of the finest cottons and silks, with some selling for prices that could break your account in an instant. Here are some of Semple’s favourites:

Marni Banks

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