When the MSL girls found themselves in Milan one thing they knew was a absolute must was to hit the shops. So here is our Milan shopping route especially for you.

    • Zenda Due, for faux furs of all kinds.
    • Zara for all your fashion needs. Sophie couldn’t resist the leather studded biker jacket.
    • Louis Vuitton for some quirky kusuma window displays and we loved the dotty LV printed scarves.
    • Massimo Dutti is at it’s best in Milan. The glitter toecap blucher brogue stole our hearts.
    • The Gucci Café for a luxurious well deserved coffee break. The coffee is so beautifully rich and the branded Gucci chocolates are the perfect finishing touch.
    • H&M or all things Lana Del Ray, they really do love Miss Del Ray in Milan. Expect giant ads gracing the train station and then shop the looks just around the corner.
    • Ohsho for the best in lounge wear and underwear that is both sexy and pretty.
    • Marilena for an MSL fave; the Ash wedge trainers, in every style you could hope for.
    • Calzedonia offering hosiery for every occasion.
    • Shaka Beauty in OVS for amazingly priced make up products. We spotted a devilishly deep red nail polish for 1.99. Very Sephora, but without the price tag.
    • Berskha for sheer blouses at a steal. Plus the shops soundtrack in unbelievably cool, Die Antwoord’s Baby’s on Fire brought a smile to our faces.
    • MM for Dr Martens and Creepers in an array of bright colours. MM has a strong London vibe and we felt very at home in here.
    • Mondadori is stacked high with enough magazines to last any fashionista a lifetime; we left with Italian Elle Collections and the CR Fashion Book. Perfect reading material for the flight home.
    • Vigano for beautiful silk scarves. These make great impressive Christmas presents.
    • Savini for some seriously delicious food. Eat until your heart is content. Sometimes it’s got to be carbs, so just go with it and get back on the diet when you touch down at Heathrow.
    • Piumelli for the best selection of leather gloves; after all winter is on it’s way. Also the store smells divine.
    • Rizzoli for a vast collection of fashion books, perfect for fashion students and collectors.
    • Borsalino for millinery to die for. The 1920s window display stopped us in our tracks.
    • The Park Bar for an early evening drink. Cool and trendy drink the Mango Mojito and enjoy the glam location.
    • Milano Make Up for all your beauty needs and beautiful perfume displays.
    • Gioumetti jewellery, for window-shopping only! Our budget didn’t quite stretch unfortunately.

Milan Shopping Survival Check List

Opt for flats you will be walking a lot!

A tote bag is a must.

A trench coat is perfect for the city weather and light enough for shopping ease.

Grab a Fiji water to keep you hydrated.

Keep a camera at the ready. The sights are spectacular.

And don’t forget your sunglasses. You must look chic darling.


Take the tram and see the city like a local.

Ride the open top bus (weather permitting of course).

Walk to the top of The Duomo. It’s breathtaking and a real must see.

Grab an espresso. It will keep you going and you are in Italy after all, it would be a crime to leave without one.

Perch on the benches and indulge in some gelato. Mango and Stracciatella were our favorites.


Be intimated by the beggars at the Metro self-service ticket machines, they are harmless and just trying their luck. Smile and walk on.

Take the “free” bracelets from the people outside of The Duomo. They are not free!

Give into tiredness. Keep going, drink more coffee if needs be, make the most of the city. Our motto for the day was “YOLO Milano” (“You Only Live Once” for those of you among us that haven’t the foggiest what we are talking about.)

Sophie Maguire

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