It feels as though the weather has turned this week. The evenings have definitely grown shorter and most days have started with drizzle and cold winds. Of course, parts of the country are suffering far worse conditions too. A stark reminder of Mother Nature’s power.

It reminds us that at this time of year we must be prepared. Although I still see people walking around without a coat, for many of us the temperatures are cold enough to be wearing a hat, scarf and gloves.

I’m not sure if this is something you think about more as you get older, but I am one of those people who now enjoys matching their accessories. A burgundy handbag with burgundy painted nails perhaps, or a rich chestnut wool scarf with matching suede boots and light tan-coloured jeans. At this time of year, your outerwear is what people see most. We are wrapped up and bundled up, so it’s nice to think about what you’re pairing with what; and what goes with what on the outside too. 

I include umbrellas in this also. While a patterned or fun umbrella helps to brighten dreary days, a plain sturdy umbrella is more timeless, and will go with more outfits.

Towards the end of summer, we tend to give a lot of thought into our winter coats. From the timeless camel coat, or a vintage faux fur, to a warm puffer coat for those bitterly cold days. But it is, after all, often said that accessories are what really make an outfit. For adding a pop of colour or complementing what you’re wearing that day, they’re the perfect finishing touch.

With Christmas not too far away, and winter now in full swing, I thought I’d suggest a number of soft and cosy accessories for these cold months ahead that you, or someone special, may like.

Cashmere Cable Scarf | Brora | £295

Cashmere Gloves | John Lewis | £45

Colour Block Scarf & Gloves Set | M&S | £22.50

Cashmere Scarf | Mulberry | £195

Ribbed Wool Beret | & Other Stories | £27

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