Lightly Peppered

There are not many items of clothing that are as adaptable as the scarf. Skirts lengths may rise or fall but scarves are never really out of fashion. So it’s hardly surprising that Fashion photographer Vanessa Pepper chose scarves to showcase her elegant photographs.

Made out of Chinese silk, Ness and Pepper is a hand finished collection of scarves that are sure to catch the eye of fashion collectors. “I was playing around in the darkroom using different processes and printing on different fabrics and it just happened” says Vanessa who studied at the prestigious Central St Martin’s. After graduating in 2004, she went on to exhibit award-winning photographs around the world and worked in fashion photography in London and Milan “I adore fashion and interesting detail on clothes. I love seeing how trends change with the times and what a person’s personal style says about them.”

Having worked as a Fine Art and Fashion photographer for years, Vanessa has a huge portfolio to choose from but she decided on four statement images that give an insight into her own life; such as the Colombian Roses, associated with Colombia where Vanessa lived for a while. Whilst each scarf has its own story there is some trial and error involved too “the pattern is a key factor, as is the way that the colours work when they are draped, wrapped or tied.” says Vanessa, “This, along with the concept, is all part of the decision-making process when I am designing my scarves.”

Despite art and fashion merging so well here Vanessa has no current plans to expand the Ness and Pepper range into other items, “I’ll be staying with scarves for the time being; there are still so many aspects of the scarf that I’d still like to explore. There is so much that one can do with a silk or chiffon scarf. That said, who knows where the future may take us”.

Let’s hope the future takes Ness and Pepper further into fashion territory because art this beautiful should not be restricted to the wall.

Samantha Vandersteen

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