To hear the words, ‘keep the night of the 14th free’ for the first time was definitely surreal but it also made me smile from ear to ear. It’s funny how being with someone special turns Valentines Day from just a day that you choose to ignore to a day you look forward to. This year, there has been no rolling of the eyes at the sickeningly sweet cards and the abundance of red hearts filling high street shops as I walk on by, instead  (and believe me I never thought I’d say this) but I’m happy to be joining all the other smitten couples in this highly commercial and corny day.

For the past four months I have never laughed, loved or been so content in another person’s company for as long as I can remember. You see it in the films all the time, where their hands intertwine like they were made for each other and how perfectly her neck fits underneath his chin, but until you experience this for yourself you never really know how this feels.


If anything these past few months have reminded me of how much your life can change in a short space of time and how you never know what or who is waiting for you around the corner. What has surprised me recently is how many people choose to go hunting to be loved and have been lured into the false sense of promise of online dating, speed dating and matchmaking. It seems as though our faith in meeting Mr Right has disappeared and we no longer allow ourselves to be taken by surprise or even allow love to simply find us.

It has taken me 23 years to allow my independent self to be loved and cared for but he has certainly been worth the wait. I always find the ‘L’ word hard to define, describe and say, but all I know is that he has become my best friend and I would feel lost without him.  So to all you non-believers out there, let fate do its job, leave the online world and return to the present, as you never know who could walk into your life and change it for good.

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