In the name of Valentines Day and love we asked several couples some questions and this is what they had to say…First up Clare & Des.

Clare & Des both turned 51 this year. They have been married for 28 years and live in Berkshire with their two daughters.


 Clare’s answers 

What does he bring to the relationship?  Love, stability, understanding and protectiveness

 What about you could only he love? My feet

 In private I am? I’m Beyonce’s body double

 Who wears the trousers? Des, but I always tell him which ones to wear.

 What annoys you about him? He has selective hearing

 Describe yourself in three words? Thoughtful, affectionate and loyal

 First impression of him? Slick dapper and very handsome

 What do you argue you about? Our girls

 Your proudest moment? My wedding day, giving birth to two beautiful daughters and seeing our girls achieve so much

 When do you look your best? When I’m dolled up and ready to go out

 What is your biggest fear? I’m afraid I will die before my girls are settled into loving relationships of their own or of Des or the girls dying before me and leaving me heartbroken

 When did you know he loved you? I knew he loved me and really meant it, when he asked me to marry him.

 What have you learnt from each other? To be patient and considerate of each other. That love is enough.

 What does the future look like? Exciting and full of more proud moments and happy memories.

 His favorite part of my body is? My eyes

 What would you like to say to him?

I could not tell you if I loved you the first moment I saw you or if it was the second, third or even fourth, all I know is that the moment I saw you walking towards me I knew my life had changed forever. You always know how to make me feel special, sexy and attractive (even when I don’t feel it). Nothing I ask is ever too much trouble and I know I can sometimes ask a lot of you. Some people thrive on material possessions, but all that matters to me is that we have each other.  I love you with all my heart and my heart will be yours until the day I die.


 Des’ Answers

What do you bring to the relationship? Stability

Is there anything about her that only you could love? Her feet

In private she is? Natural

Who wears the trousers? I do of course.

What annoys you about her? She never puts anything away.

Describe her in 3 words? Beautiful funny and warm

First impression of her?  Wow! Black legging and high-heeled red shoes topped off with a leather jacket.

 What do you argue you about? The girls.

When were you most proud of her? Everyday

When does she look her best? When we are going out

Her biggest fear is? Not being loved

When did you know you loved her? When I proposed

What have you learnt from each other? Tolerance and give and take.

What does the future look like? If it’s any thing like our past, then it won’t be dull.

My favourite part of her body is? Her eyes

What would you like to say to her?

I want to thank you for helping me become the man that I am today. You’ve guided me through the maze of fatherhood, with the two beautiful daughters that you have given me. You’ve always believed in me and because of you I feel I can do anything. The next chapter of our life is just the beginning and with you by my side I’m looking forward to the journey. I’ve always loved you and always will.

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