Favourite fashion designer? For many this question would undoubtedly lead to a lengthy discussion on the pros and cons of a handful of admired creatives. But I can safely say that for me the question is simple. Since I first fell in love with fashion, many (many) moons ago, it was Domenico Dolce, Stefano Gabbana and their theatrical embellished designs that stole my heart and I have never looked back.


Like many collections past, Dolce & Gabbana drew creative inspiration from their beloved Sicily; only this time with a seductive flamenco twist, citing “the Spanish influence in Sicily between 1516 and 1713” as their historical muse. Never a show for the faint hearted, the Dolce showstopper heralded the finale of Milan Fashion Week, and boy did the designers go out with a bang!

The stunning Spanish collection – complete with flamenco flounce and breathtaking ornamentation – managed to theatrically embody the sartorial spirit of the mediterranean whilst remaining true to the signature D&G style. A bold colour palette of black, red and white encapsulated the dramatic ferocity of the collection, while the floaty layers and floral detail kept the designs romantic and feminine.


And it was this ingenious juxtaposition (which D&G do so well) that truly brought the collection to life. From cropped matador-esque jackets and figure hugging short shorts to embellished gold bustiers and floral flamenco gowns, each piece proved starkly different yet comfortably cohesive.


As ever no Dolce & Gabbana show is complete without their signature finale. Like a red rag to a bull the model army stormed the catwalk in identical white shirts and red high waisted shorts, signalling the close of what was, in my opinion, one of the most dramatic and exciting Dolce shows to date.


All images courtesy of Vogue.co.uk

By Jenna Jones

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