In an unexpected – and wholly welcomed – visit from my best friend last week who returned on a surprise whim from Cambodia for Christmas, it got me thinking about my New Years’ resolution post from last week. Discussing the benefits of setting yourself more positive goals as opposed to the generic ones we see each year, seeing my dear friend always gets me motivated for the year ahead.

We always discuss our plans, the future and talk of our latest wanderlust wishes. For me it’s visiting every state in America and for her, it is living abroad and experiencing different cultures in Asia and beyond. Her surprise visit home made me remember my 30 before 30 list that I started writing last year, and, as the big milestone dawns, it’s been great to revisit it and tick one or two accomplishments off. It also made me realise the many more I still have to go.

While setting resolutions and goals is a motivational way to start the year, it also helps to map things out a little. To see where everything will fit in, how it will work logistically and whether of course, it’s all possible. This way, each goal becomes more achievable too – rather than one big milestone, it could be a series of little ones.

A discussion of 2019 before she heads back to Cambodia this week revealed she wants to plan something exciting every month for this year. What a wonderful idea, I thought, and so personal. Everyone can set themselves this task. From a trip to the theatre or a dinner out with friends, to a weekend away or a spontaneous road trip, ‘something exciting’ could be interpreted in so many different ways. Ways that are personal, special and ‘exciting’ to you. 

Just think, that’s 12 special things to look forward to in 2019 – and doesn’t that seem so much more achievable – and exciting – than just one big thing?

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