August 9, 2018
– Words By Sonal Shah   Years ago, communication was limited to using landlines, fax and phone boxes, a simple and straightforward, near fool proof way of getting in touch with people. Today of course is a different story and do not get me wrong as I love the use of Technology. Like most people,...
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what if
Our lives are really just one big decision. From the simple and mundane – like what to have for breakfast – to the grand and potentially life changing – should I take the job I’ve been offered? We are surrounded by questions that require answers and decisions to be made that could alter our path...
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When you ask people some of their favourite prints to wear when it comes to fashion, I think florals – both bold and ditsy – would be a popular choice. From the vibrant, big florals of the 60s, to the vintage florals of the 70s, and the smaller subtle prints of the 90s, we still...
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