Whilst I’m sure we haven’t even seen the worst of it, this time of year brings with it rain, wind, drizzle and bitter temperatures.

I feel I always say this, but it seems we’ve missed the best bits of autumn again this year. We’ve not nearly had enough of those cold, crisp days. When you can see your breath as you step outside but the sun still shines brightly. This is what I think of when I think of autumn. Bright, crisp days with beautiful scenery due to the changing leaves. Except, we’ve had a lot of rain. And cold, windy days since the start of September.

This means then, that the transition from our autumn to our winter wardrobes happens a lot quicker. We can still maintain the warm colour palette that is so popular during the former season but keeping snug and dry take precedence.

If you walk to work, or even to the train station – or you venture out on your lunch or regularly walk between meetings – a good, reliable coat is a must.

My priorities have changed over the years. I remember never listening to my mother and always hating having to wear a coat to school. I would rather shiver than wear one I didn’t want to. It became a bit of a joke between me and my school friends that I would wear some pathetic ‘shacket’ even on the coldest of days. I can’t think of anything worse now. I am a true advocate of a warm and practical coat. I still have a collection of more ‘fashionable’ outerwear, shall we say, but once the temperatures drop and the heavens open, I want something that is going to keep me warm, dry and protected from the unforgiving wind.

A good puffer coat it is then. A lifesaver during the weather conditions I have just described. Not always necessary but a necessity in your wardrobe, in my opinion. I’m sure many of you already own one, but it’s a new purchase for me after I realised I don’t own a warm winter coat, with a hood, that still looks smart enough for work. So, in case you haven’t, or you’re looking to upgrade, I’ve scoured the internet for my favourite contenders:

Hooded Down Puffer Coat | & Other Stories | £225

Puffer Coat | Hugo Boss | £349

Cavell Puffer Coat | Boden | £198

Long Puffer Coat | Hobbs | £149

Padded Quilted Puffer | Espirit | £75

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