Adele brings it home for Britain


Ever wondered what it is like to win six grammys and be on the cover of US Vogue? Adele could tell you. Turn on your radio, open a magazine, and there she is. Fans of the soulful beauty have been collectively holding their breath as the singer has been under the radar for the last couple of months whilst she recovered from vocal cord surgery. But this week has seen her resurrected, and back with a bang. No less than six grammies- she won every single category for which she was nominated- is something most music megastars never dream of in a lifetime, let alone a single evening.


One cannot help but give a little smile and feel a twinge of pride that Britain’s finest, home grown talent has captivated an American audience on such an astronomical scale. Adele’s voice is enchanting in two very different ways; when she is performing she can make her audience feel every heartbreak and loss that she has ever felt as she tells her story, yet having a conversation with the woman is like chatting with an old friend. Her frank North London charm and tendency to say it how it is is completely contrasting with her heartbreakingly breathtaking onstage persona. But there is one thing for sure, onstage and offstage Adele can both definitely hold their own and have captured the attention and adoration of a whole generation of music lovers.


Here at MSL we love to go behind the seams and explore the defining fashion of inspirational people. Adele is on the cover of US Vogue this month, and the pictures released are a breathtaking homage to everything that is Vogue. Adele owns the front cover, looking every inch the Hollywood Starlet in black lace, looking straight into the camera and laying bare her soul. Other photos released show her looking like something from a twenty-first century urban fairytale with a haunting backdrop and bright red lips. Karl Lagerfeld is probably feeling quite foolish round about now


Adele spoke out this week and quashed any media misinterpretations that she is taking time off from recording, saying she intends to be back in the studio as soon as she can. And we can’t wait to hear the story she has to tell this time.

Jessica Allen-Summers


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