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If there is one trend to adopt this autumn, that is not only fabulously and effortlessly cool, but also surprisingly practical it’s the Baker Boy Hat.

A cap that’s perfect for cooler weather, the Baker Boy, or newsboy, poor boy, or fisherman hat as it is also known, originally rose to popularity around the turn of the century. But the ‘It crowd’ of 2017 have well and truly brought them back into Vogue.

Supermodel Kate Moss as always been a fan; donning the headwear to perfectly compliment her London Look and fellow Brit Sienna Millar has been spotted sporting the Baker Boy style long before the Insta hype followed suit.

Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid are just some of the many celebs who favour the laid back Baker Boy embracing the look by accessorising with low-key denim and classic tee. Throw on a studded biker jacket and an ankle boot for extra cool factor and you will be right at home with this seasons biggest trend.

And with some many options available both on the highstreet and the runway and with Baker Boys in wool, leather, twill, corduroy, and more, there’s a style for every outfit.

Here are Semple’s 13 Baker Boys for this season:


baker boyTophsop hat £15.00 // Shikumi studded cap £30.00

Baker BoyPretty Little Thing black & white striped hat £12.00 // 9 M&S Collection hat £17.50

Baker BoyNew Look burgundy velvet hat £9.99 // Euenia Kim Carmella mohair-blend cap £170

Baker BoySacred Hawk baby pink hat £20.00 // ASOS high crown wool hat £16.00

baker boyASOS brixton red hat  £40.00 // Urban Outfitters hat £16.00

baker boyMiss Selfridge hat £14.00 // Eugenia Kim Elyse calf hair-trimmed cashmere-felt cap £185

baker boyASOS Baker Boy Twill Cap £14.00



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