The Princess and McQueen

Kate Middleton has been out and about of late on her Royal duties. She attended the Lucian Freud exhibition last week at the National Portrait Gallery, went solo in Liverpool to greet her adoring public this Valentines day and our very own intern Marta saw the princess in Boots on the Kings Road (see she really is just like us). With the Princess being just about everywhere this week, here at MSL we thought it was about time we paid homage our Princess and feature the most famous dress Kate has worn to date; the stunning McQueen masterpiece she donned on April 29th 2011, a day that made national and fashion history.


Within the blink of an eye a celebrity’s style can become iconic. Whether it be through an outrageous ensemble or perhaps a truly stunning accessory either way overnight someone can instantly become synonymous with a particular brand or design.

Kate Middleton has of late become wonderfully demure style icon all because of ‘that dress’ that she wore on the happiest day of her life to marry her prince. The stunning Alexander McQueen gown, fit for any princess managed to say so much without saying anything at all.

Through this gown the British public instantaneously took Kate to their hearts a true national treasure, we warmed to her slender figure and the delicate cut of the dress; understanding her reserved ways through the intricate lace sleeves and perfect veil.


Kiss_Wedding_Prince_William_of_Wales_Kate_MiddletonAn iconic piece of clothing like a picture really can tell a thousand words; on that beautiful day we were angelically transported into the world of Kate Middleton, the monarchy and the British Empire through the beautiful work of Sarah Burton.


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